What is an inspection?

Home Inspection

During a home inspection, a qualified inspector takes an in-depth and impartial look at the property to evaluate the state of the building and its systems. We use an aerial drone with a high definition camera to inspect the roof, thereby getting a clear view of the roof and avoiding damage to asphalt shingles or slate tiles.  By describing the home’s physical condition and specifying what components and systems may need repair or replacement a home inspection report can help you to save money.

What is an Allegiant Home Inspection?

Allegiant Home Inspections will take the mystery out of a home so that you can make one of the largest personal and financial decisions of your life with confidence.

Allegiant Home Inspections will perform a comprehensive and unbiased examination of the current state of a property and then provide you with a clear and concise report.  Annotated photographs, detailed observations and maintenance recommendations will enable you to make your informed real estate decision with assurance.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, having an Allegiant home inspection will give you peace of mind and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.

Listed below are the components we will review when conducting your Allegiant home inspection. 

Grounds & Grading Exterior & Structure Roofing Components
Driveway Building Information Roof Style
Steps Wall Structure Roof Covering
Sidewalks & Walkways Wall Covering Roof Leaks
Retaining Walls Gas Meter & Piping Gutters & Downspouts
Window Wells Exterior  Windows Exposed Flashing
General Grading & Drainage Exterior Doors Vents/Protrusions
Trees and Shrubs Foundation Sky Lights
Patio/Terrace Columns  
Out Buildings Downspouts  
Deck/Porch Eaves & Soffits  
  Exterior Receptacles  
Plumbing Systems Electrical Systems Attic
Gas/Fuel Service Service Line Entrance Attic Access
Water Main Panel Attic Ventilation
Waste Circuits & Conductors Roof Frame
Fixtures Outlets, Fixtures
Vent Pipes & Flashing
Water Heater     & Switches Ceiling Frame
Pipes Smoke Detectors Attic Insulation
Drains   Attic Sheathing
Vent Pipe   Moisture & Mildew
Interior Components Bathrooms Kitchen
Floors Toilets Cabinets
Walls Ventilation Counters
Ceiling Bathtubs Dishwasher
Entry Doors Shower Walls Flooring
Interior Doors Floor Range/Oven
Windows Receptacles Receptacles
Fireplace Sinks Refrigerator
Stairs/Railings Moisture/Mildew Sink
Moisture/Mildew   Ventilation
Basement/Crawl Space Heat &Cooling Systems Garage/Carport
Foundation (Interior) Heating System Flooring
Columns Gas/Fuel Source Receptacles
Stairs Heating Distribution Vehicle Doors
Floors Unit Venting Ventilation System
Walls Air Filters Walls/Windows/Ceiling
Floor Drain Cooling Systems Door Opener
Ceiling Air Conditioning Type Separation Wall
Sump Pump Electrical Disconnect Door to Living Space
Ventilation Air Distribution Moisture/Mildew
Floor Joist    
Sub Flooring    
Vapor Barrier    
Sewage Ejector    

We service Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and all of the Lehigh Valley along with Pocono and Monroe counties, along with Quakertown and Northern Bucks County! 

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