Water Analysis

Water samples can be checked for bacteria (both coliform and E coli) or a full chemical analysis can be run.  FHA and VA loan water testing is also available. 

Water Faucet           Water Test Tubes

Bacteria Water Analysis; A total coliform bacteria test will let you know if your ground water has been contaminated by dangerous organisms or septic system.

FHA or VA Water Analysis; A basic water analysis that meet most FHA or VA loan requirements includes; Coliform, Iron, Lead, Nitrate and Nitrite.

Chemical Water Analysis; A full chemical analysis package is our most comprehensive test and includes; Coliform Hardness, Hydrogen sulfide, Lead, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Sodium, Sulfate and Total Dissolved Solids

Customizable water testing is always available depending on your needs.  All samples are processed by a certified PA laboratory.